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A Favorite Weight Loss Supplement

If your goal is to lose weight or just a few pounds, you may be thinking about the “best weight loss supplements” to help you out. You may be getting some results with a diet and exercise program you have going on right now, but your thinking it would be nice to have an extra helping hand to make the weight loss and fat burning easier and possibly even faster. At which point, you are now probably taking your health and weight loss more seriously. It’s going to be a struggle, but it’s worth it to have a longer, healthier, more active life.

Weight loss and energy supplements are a useful addition to your diet and workout regimen. Fat burning supplements can help speed up your efforts. Knowing what ingredients to look for can help you find the best weight loss supplements to deliver the results you want.

Here are some ingredients to look for when considering best weight loss supplements:

Lose weight with SynedrexCaffeine:

Caffeine, that wonderful stimulant obtained from coffee. It is one of the ingredients to look for in a best weight loss supplement like this Synedrex. Caffeine has the ability to increase metabolism, including your fat metabolism which will help you burn fat quicker. It will raise your internal body temperature, making it easier for your body to burn stored fat. Caffeine can also prevent you from feeling tired, reduce feelings of pain and fatigue during exercise, and increase stamina. For those who are trying to get fit and lose weight with a daily workout, caffeine supplements can make your workouts more effective. However, not everyone can take caffeine or just prefer not to take caffeine, plus there are some downsides, if you’re not used to caffeine.

Downside of Caffeine:

Caffeine can make you feel anxious, jittery, or nervous, and can stimulate your central nervous system. It may interfere with sleep. Especially if taken later in the day. If your weight loss supplement contains caffeine, it’s better to take it before noon so you can avoid the evening jitters caused by caffeine. Another downside of caffeine is that your body can get accustomed to it. People who drink coffee every day need more coffee to get the same “rush”. The effects of a caffeine weight loss supplement may also decrease with regular use.

Green Tea Extract:

Green tea extract found in the Twinlab Ripped Fuel Extreme supplement is potentially the most effective weight loss supplement on the market today. Thanks to its high antioxidant content on it! Antioxidants like ECGC target your body’s fat for burning. Especifically the fat around your belly/abdomen/thighs. Not only can green tea extract improve your metabolism, but it can encourage your body to burn more of the stubborn white fat around your midsection. Green tea does contain a bit of caffeine, so you get that metabolism-boosting effect common with caffeine supplements. However, there’s not enough caffeine in green tea extract to give you the jitters. It’s excellent at stimulating weight loss without causing too many negative side effects.

Downside of Green Tea Extract:

Green tea extract will become less effective as your body grows accustomed to it. It’s also pricier than caffeine or taurine supplements.

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Green coffee bean extract is one of the few “hyped” supplements that have stuck around after the weight loss boom of the early 2010s died out. Basically, it’s a supplement made from coffee beans before they are roasted. It contains a lot of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that has natural fat-burning properties (similar to the antioxidants in green tea extract). It also contains some of the caffeine found in coffee, which means it can provide some of the benefits of caffeine supplements. However, experts are fairly divided in their opinion on the supplement. There is evidence that green coffee bean extract does work for weight loss and fat-burning, but it’s not as effective (or scientifically proven) as caffeine and green tea extract. It’s a supplement to try if you’re looking for a new “push” to encourage more weight loss.


Most people recognize tryptophan as the chemical in turkey that makes you feel sleepy after a Thanksgiving dinner. However, tryptophan is more than just a mood-booster—it can also help to suppress your appetite. Specifically, it will reduce your appetite for carbohydrates, making you less likely to eat high-carb, high-sugar foods—the foods that are the main contributors to weight gain. Taking tryptophan can stop you from craving carbs, making it easier to shift your diet toward one higher in fats and lower in carbs. The result: sustainable, effective weight loss!


Berberine is an antioxidant extracted from the barberry plant. Not only is it highly effective at improving circulation, but it can combat high blood glucose levels and encourage better cardiovascular function overall. The anti-inflammatory benefits of berberine makes it a potent remedy for combating a wide range of diseases. In terms of weight loss, berberine can decrease BMI, encourage fat loss, and speed up metabolism. It may also inhibit the enlargement of your fat cells, maintain a healthy body fat index, and stop your body from accumulating fat.


Taurine is an amino acid produced naturally in the body, the byproduct of cysteine. However, the taurine used in supplements is synthetic. It’s usually used in energy drinks and energy supplements, and it’s utilized by your body during times of stress and exercise. Like caffeine, it can boost your energy levels, making it useful to take before, during, and after an intense workout. However, UNLIKE caffeine, it won’t produce feelings of nervousness and anxiety. It’s an anxiolytic, meaning it can reduce the symptoms of anxiety common with caffeine and other similar stimulants. It may also counteract the energy-boosting effects of caffeine, making the supplements less effective at increasing your energy levels. Taurine may lead to the feeling of “crashing” common with energy drinks. Natural taurine, on the other hand, comes from eggs, fish, meat, and milk. High amounts of taurine from food (the byproduct of cysteine) have shown no negative effects, making it safe for your consumption.

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