The Show at a Glance

Mike Powell PromoterEveryone is welcome at the Private Non-Sanctioned Powell Classic Bodybuilding Championships. Would you compete in a contest that pays checks to winners? The Powell Classic will do just that!  If you are a female competitor would you rather go to a large Open Pro show and receive ten percent of what the men get paid or get paid the exact same amount? The Powell Classic Body Building Championship will not discriminate payment because of gender.

At the September 29th show, we will be paying 23 1st place competitors $900.00 each!  23 second place competitors will receive $600.00 each!  23 third place winners will be awarded $400.00 each!  Wait…that’s not all, 23 fourth place competitors will receive $125.00 each and, if you win your height or weight class you will receive an additional $575.00 making you a Powell Classic Champion!  There will be 6 Overall winners.

Yes, you read that right!

23 – 1st Place Winners $900.00 each = $20,700.00

23 – 2nd Place Winners $600.00 each = $13,800.00

23 – 3rd Place Winners $400.00 each = $9,200.00

23 – 4th Place Winners $125.00 each = $2,875.00

6 Overall Winners $575.00 each = $3,450.00

Total Prize Money = $50,025.00!!

Why Am I Doing This?

I am a past competitor myself. I trained for a local show for four years. I trained two hours a day seven days a week and never missed, no matter what. During training, I kept a tally of my expenses. This included all of my food (the absolute best of everything and a lot of it), my supplements (it was a very regular thing to go in the local supplement store and invest five to seven hundred dollars), tanning, gym memberships, gas to and from the gym, I paid trainers, coaches, someone to help with my nutrition, then a posing coach, etc. I was investing about one hundred dollars a day into this sport. For four years, after eating six meals a day plus healthy snacks and shakes, I set my alarm clock for every two hours and fifteen minutes and got up to eat a pre-cooked chicken breast and baked potato, or tuna and rice, etc.

The day finally came for the show. In the prejudging out of twenty-five light heavy weights, they placed me in the top three. Before the evening show, I felt pretty good but had seen one guy who I knew for sure would beat me. When the night show came, I was dropped to forth place. They put a lanyard around my neck and I went home. This small trinket may have cost three dollars…… The guys who placed 1st, 2nd and third got a trophy, that looked like it may have cost twenty dollars. As long as this was the system, I decided I would never compete again. What a huge amount of effort for nothing.

That was when I was 23 years old and now I am 53 years old. After all these years, I still never miss a day of going to the gym. For thirty years, I have loved bodybuilding so much that I have just done it for myself. Pushing myself to be the best I can be. Hoping that before I get to old, someone will have a show that truly rewards the competitors for the incredible amount of work and sacrifice it takes to consistently push yourself beyond any normal human limits. Well, no one ever has, so I finally decided to do it myself.

As the Promoter, How Much Will I Make On This Upcoming Show?

You see, I am semi-retired and don’t need to make a penny off of these shows. I am doing them strictly to give the bodybuilders who come and compete the monetary rewards they have always deserved. NFL, NBA and MLB athletes make millions of dollars a year. The really good ones make 20 to 50 million a year. If you are an amateur or a pro bodybuilder who trains extensively like I have done in the past and your income is trophy, now you have an alternative. Why not get a check for all that hard work for once?

How Big Do I Want This To Get?

I am a bodybuilder, so I think big. With everyone’s help who reads or hears about this great event, by telling every one you know, I think together we can make this a huge event. Tell other competitors to come compete, tell your family and friends to come watch, invite your gyms and supplement stores to come be a vendor! I will grow this as big as you will help me to make it. I would like to one day have five hundred bodybuilding competitors plus, many other events like power lifting, five hundred vendors and tens of thousands of spectators.

Why Now?

I have been going to church every Sunday for the last three years and one of the things they talk about a lot is helping others. For at least twelve years, I have been making donations to local charities and giving contributions to a medical research cause. But after thinking and praying on how I want to help others in a more personal, hands on way in addition to what I have been doing, I kept coming back to the sport I love. This is where my heart is and these are the people I want to help!