Bikini Competitor, Teacher and Mother

Nikki’s first photo shoot as a Powell Classic sponsored athlete went great! We want to thank Nikki for taking time off her busy schedule to spend time with us to complete a photo shoot.  Not only is Nikki a Bikini Competitor, she’s a mother and a teacher.


If anyone knows how committed you have to be to be a competitor, Nikki does!  She manages to stay focused to train hard and work hard while juggling her schedule with fitness training, work and home. Her commitment to staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle has been an inspiration to many she has come in contact with.  The Powell Classic is proud to be sponsoring Nikki!


Posing is not as easy as it seems but it came as second nature to Nikki, having competed in several bodybuilding competitions as a Bikini model.  The art of stage posing is a skill every Bodybuilder, Physique, Physique Classic, Bikini, Figure and Classic Figure competitor has to perfect to be able to compete and look good on stage.

Nikki is an inspiration and great testimony that you can be a mom and still have an awesome figure!

Niki looks great in her Powell Classic tee, No Trophies / Just Checks!