Bodybuilding Competitions Near You

Are you bodybuilding contest ready?  Do you live in and around Hickory, NC and want to compete in Bodybuilding, Physique Classic, Physique, Figure or Bikini?  Now you can!  Get the chance to WIN BIG by getting rewarded with a BIG CHECK!  Become a Powell Classic Champion.  Register for your next bodybuilding championship today.

We know the training you put into it, the commitment, sacrifices and expenses that go along with becoming a competitor in the bodybuilding world.  Your hard work, your yelling, the dropping of the weight and your aggressiveness at the gym can now be rewarded at The Powell Classic Bodybuilding Championships!

Competitors living in and around Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina are invited to come and compete in this historical bodybuilding events!

Powell Classic Bodybuilding Championships in North Carolina