Gain Muscle Mass

Many people, especially those who are at the beginning of their gym journey, wonder what will bring them better results to change or improve their body composition.  A bodybuilding workout or a cardio training? A ‘classic’ weightlifting training is designed to work on any flaws in the look of your body by allowing you to work on chosen muscle groups and easily adjust the training to your needs. Meanwhile, cardio is all about increasing heart rate and losing weight quickly with high intensity.

A Quick Training to Keep You Fit

CrossFit can be a form of cardio training.  It has been significantly gaining popularity in the last few years as a full-body training giving quick results when performed regularly. Its focus is on attempting as many repetitions of a given exercise as possible in a certain amount of time and the progress is achieved either by increasing the weight used or decreasing the amount of time needed to finish if working with body weight. Its biggest merits are a high increase in cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as an increase in overall agility. And the beauty of it is that it’s perfect for busy people because each session can be as short as 30 minutes, what’s definitely enough to break the ‘I don’t have time for sport” excuse. Of course despite being short, each sessions are highly exhausting to give you all the benefits of a proper training.

Build That Mass

Unlike cross-training, bodybuilding workouts are designed to help you build proper muscle mass followed by an increase in strength. It’s much more effective in building the size of your muscle and improving your overall strength because of its high customizability – you can choose between different types of bodybuilding training such as ACT (Aerobic Circuit Training), FBW (Full Body Workout) and Split Training, all depending on the time you can allot to your training sessions and the goals that you want to achieve – make it losing weight, gaining mass or strength. You can choose what parts of muscles are more important for you and easily prioritize them and choose different weights and exercises, to shape your muscles in the tiniest details.

In my personal opinion, either of these training program can definitely change your body composition.  It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Bodybuilding is definitely the sport to do if you’re planning on competing on stage and dramatically change your body composition.  If you’re trying to lose weight quickly and at the same time slightly change your body composition, then cardio or CrossFit is the program for you.  BUT, overall any type of training is great if you want to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit.