Gaining weight after holidays
Holiday Weight Gains

After any holiday, people start feeling guilty for either cheating on their diet or for over eating. Those extra pounds you gained over the holidays has you feeling tired, irritable or down?  Well, it’s time to get back on track. You cannot let it go too long before you get back to the gym or working out at home. The longer you wait the harder it’ll be for you.

Do you have the desire to lose weight or shed some pounds? The most asked question is ‘how to lose weight‘. Here is one method that I recommend for a quick jump start to weight loss. You can shed some pounds quickly by doing aerobic or cardio training and incorporate weight training. Do both to maximize weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A good weight loss plan that will have you doing a mixture of cardio exercises and weight training has to have a diet plan as well.

The number one reason for failure to any weight loss plan is not sticking to your diet. All too often will people spend months in the gym and then give up because they’re either frustrated with results, lost the motivation, or were looking for quick easy fix to their weight loss. Just face it, you didn’t gain the weight over night. It took weeks if not months before you gained a few pounds after eating poorly….so why would you think it’s all going to come off over night.

Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight

The most important element to losing weight is going to be what you put on your plate. Don’t start a diet thinking you’re only going to do it for the summer. That just leaves room for failure. Your main reason to losing weight should be to become a more healthier YOU. The rest will follow. Whenever you enter into a serious workout and fitness plan you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, sleep right, and give your body all the nutrients it needs. Pay attention to your vegetable intake and or supplements to aid in your progress, or both. Once you start living a healthy lifestyle you will not only see your motivation skyrocket, but also your energy. Watching your calorie count is one thing, but giving your body what it needs will prepare you for the workout ahead. We are not telling you to starve yourself, just substitute your daily lunch hamburger for a spinach salad, it grows on you.

Diversifying Your Workout Routine or Weight Training

People get bored; it is a fact. Being stuck in the same workout routing will not only bore you but it will decrease your motivation leading you to missing the gym. Rule of thumb: change out your routine every 3-4 weeks. In other words, start your workouts with different exercise and add variations to those exercises. It’s also more effective and you get better results if you confuse your muscles–called ‘muscle confusion’. Muscle confusion is a term used to describe the process of leaving your muscles to wonder what workout is coming next. Sounds like a silly idea; but using different workouts will prevent your muscles from becoming “used” to them and will not only cause you to gain more muscle mass and tone; but will also increase the amount of calories burned while giving you new exercises to try out. Diversifying your workout routine and weight loss plan also contributes to you formulating your very own personalized workout plan that will benefit you the best, the workouts you are most comfortable with that hit your muscles just right while burning fat.

You have to stay motivated. Staying motivated for the months to come is vital. You will see changes in your body within a month if you do this right, but for long term goals you have to be persistent and not complacent.

Always remember to get the sleep you need as well; energy doesn’t come about magically, and ample sleep will help you hop into the gym the next day at your best. Persistence is key with all aspects of life, and whenever it comes to weight loss programs and training you have to persist to reach your desired body weight, and once you get to your desired level of “fit” keep it up, and always remember what you are possible of with dedication and the proper routine.