cross fit

Some argue that cross fitness is a more functional training than any other physical training.  Some even say that it can even be more customized than bodybuilding training.   Cross training has lots of benefits in everyday life and specifically more than the 20-30 minute workout at a typical gym.  Its interdisciplinary approach, and high variety exercises keeps the athlete on high intensity.

There are those who argue that cross training is believed to be just a fad, good for people who require someone to oversee them and propose the exercises they should be doing because they lack the discipline to train on their own.  Bodybuilders or weightlifters, on the other hand, can workout alone without a problem when their committed and on schedule.

A Goal First, Decision Second

The most important thing in every sport is having a goal. Without knowing your goal, it’s hard to advise which training is better – with no pre-set goal, comparing cross fitness and bodybuilding is like comparing apples to oranges. If you want to grow bigger and stronger, go for a proper weight training – it’s the second thing you should do, right after a proper diet which is necessary to get any results. If you want to increase your endurance and work on your overall body in short sessions, cross fitness can be a great choice for you. Just keep in mind that because of its intensity, it requires a lot of experience from your fitness trainer, so choose a good gym to get the best results and avoid injuries.