Test Boosters for Bodybuilders
Testosterone Boosters to Build Muscle Mass

We all want to be more muscular, recover faster and have that overall better look to our physique. However, getting there isn’t so easy. Sometimes to get a physique you are proud of can take years because there may be underlying reasons. One reason can be low testosterone levels.

Increase muscle mass, libido, stamina with test boostersFor quick, safe and effective results, most guys use testosterone boosters. We list 2 of the top all natural testosterone booster supplements that have been known to help improve:

  • Muscle Mass – Look bigger and more sculpted.
  • Recovery – Feel less sore quicker to be ready to train faster.
  • Strength – Lift more weight and get stronger.
  • Libido and Sex Drive – Feel more ‘in the mood’ and improve your confidence.
  • Energy and Focus – Concentrate more and train for longer periods. Be more motivated in the gym.

These are great benefits, but not all Testosterone Boosters have what it takes to deliver results like this. That’s why we’ve come up with our top 2 of testosterone boosters.

What you need to know about Testavar-HD:

Testavar-HD, the ultimate all-in-one free testosterone performance booster, supports extreme muscle mass, strength, stamina, sex drive, energy and vitality. Testavar-HD will deliver insane results in conjuction with a sensible diet and workout routine. Testavar-HD can be stacked with BetaLean-SCA for enhanced lean muscle mass and vascularity.

Test boosters are generally made up of natural herbs and Testavar-HD from Advanced Nutrient Science is no different. This product promises to support muscle mass, strength, stamina, libido, energy and vitality. Vitamin B6 and Zinc are staples of testosterone boosters and hugely contribute to normal bodily function.

Other Ingredients:
DAA (D-Asparatic Acid) – Essential as a testosterone booster. D aspartic acid triggers the release the lutenizing hormone in males. This in turn helps the release of testosterone. D aspartic acid has been proven to work.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is a herb that has been used as a traditional medicine for years. Fenugreek has been proven to increase libido in males and in one study showed to help normalise testosterone levels.

Magnesium and Zinc – Magnesium and Zinc contribute to normal bodily function. They work well as testosterone boosters due to the role the play in the creation of the lutenizing hormone. Even if you’re not buying a testosterone booster, you should be supplementing these key minerals.

Tribulus Terrestris and Chrysin are dud ingredient. There is basically no supporting evidence that it helps boost testosterone levels. However, there are so many testosterone boosters using Tribulus and Chrysin, even after it’s been disproven to work.

What you need to know about T-Bomb 3xtreme:

test boostersWhat’s great about T-Bomb 3xtreme is that it covers all the angles when it comes to ‘ingredients’. The ingredients of this formula work together to achieve what T-Bom calls it’s Five-Phase Hormone.

  • an increase in natural testosterone production
  • inhibition of SHBG and an increase in free T
  • inhibition of the rate at which T can be converted to estrogen
  • blockage estrogen receptors
  • lowering of the conversion of testosterone to DHT

This test supplement has good claims when it comes to :

  • Clinical Support – Though many stacks claim this, T Bomb Xtreme backs it up
  • Enhances Human Performance – Helps you young athletes and bodybuilders out there get the most muscle out of their workout
  • Great ingredients – Standardizations and extracts pack an extra strength punch
  • Well-formulated – This takes all the physiological dynamics of T-boosting into account
  • Tried and True Legacy – T-Bomb Xtreme is the latest legacy product from MHP, following the highly regarded T-Bomb Xtreme II

Do these testosterone boosters work?

With all those crazy but intelligent formulations, sit back and enjoy watching as those T-levels spike. As a result, you might get some bodybuilding benefits like strength improvement and maximum workout intensity.